At JMEDICAL clinic, we combine knowledge and effort to take care of the dental health of our patients and give them the best aesthetic solutions, always in the most appropriate way to their needs.

 Our multidisciplinary team of dentists is equipped with the most advanced technology in dentistry. We are characterized by constant innovation and quality standards to achieve the excellence of our treatments, thinking both in the results and maximum comfort of our patients.

We have modern and comfortable facilities where you can breathe a professional, honest and committed work environment with our patients.


Dr Joana Ferreira

Master in Dental Medicine, by Fernando Pessoa University, PORTO

Pós Graduation in Prosthesis, Aesthetics and Occlusion in Oral Rehabilitation PORTO

Pos graduation in Pediatric Dentistry BARCELON

Course of Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation PORTO

Dr Joao Torres

Master in Dental Medicine, by the Fernando Pessoa University, PORTO

Specialization in Orthodontics, PORTO

Pós Graduation in the INVISALIGN system, ANTWERP



Dr Miguel Guimarães

Master Degree in Oral Surgery and Implantology from the University of Toulouse (2000/2001),

Professor of Implantology (2002/2008) and Prosthodontics of the course of Dental Medicine of the Faculty of Sciences of the Health of the Fernando Pessoa University,

Specialist in Oral Surgery (certificate)

Responsible of the Service of Implantology at the University of Fernando Pessoa,

PhD at the University of Barcelona.

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